Westminster Athletics: Glory to God

Something that sets Westminster apart from other schools is the encouragement from our coaches to be competitive for God’s glory. As someone who has participated in several athletic competitions at Westminster, our competitive spirit is something that I have learned to regard with the utmost respect. With the encouragement and help of my fellow teammates, we all have been able to communicate Westminster’s intentions whenever we enter a stadium, court, or field.

Over the past few years, Westminster athletic programs have grown and prospered. Though all our teams have done exceedingly well in competitions, this does not determined our success on level we should expect. It is how we have reacted after winning or doing well in competition that is truly a testament to our coaches and coaching staff, who have instilled in all of us the love for Christ and consequently for others.

In the beginning stages of any athletic program, it was easy to keep in focus Christ and His work and mission. However, as the program has grown and has found success in a single-minded competitive spirit, some teams may be tempted to drift. But this has not been the case at Westminster.

We are all expected to strive to perform to the best of our abilities for God. Our coaches have never said or expected us to win at all costs, but to perform our best and keep our eyes on Christ. As the teenagers that we are, we have all felt disappointment and even anger when we do not perform well in a sport or activity. We find it easy to look at those who have won and consider their celebration as conceit. Luckily, we have our coaches to bring us back down to earth and to tell us that we give glory solely to the One who gave us these talents.

Over time I have witnessed Westminster students taking it upon themselves to congratulate others immediately after a win or loss. This accountability that has been instilled in us by our coaches is a unique and powerful attribute. I attribute a lot of who I am as an athlete and a person to my coaches at Westminster, and I know that my fellow classmates and I look up to the upper classmen who have been shaped by the coaches as well. With the help of our coaches, we hope to join them in carrying on a legacy of students who give glory to God and treat others with the respect and love of Christ.

By Lauren Hoaglund, Class of 2018

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