Trumbauer: More Than a Strange Name (Abigail Mathis)

Trumbauer (short for the Walter Trumbauer Secondary Theater Festival) is a theatre competition that many high school students across the state of Alabama attend. There are six regional districts, and students go to their own district and compete against each other in order to make it to state-level competition.

There are many categories one can compete in such as musical performance or dramatic monologue, but there are also competitions for costume design and playwriting. Students must select their own pieces from a musical, either Broadway or independent, and these selections must be under five minutes. At the time of performance, the student should, but is not required to, give a brief summary of the selected piece and provide his or her name, school, and director.

The student then performs the piece for two judges. They are judged on many different categories, such as tone, technique, characterization, and many others. Typically, the top eight in a category are sent to compete at the state-level competition at Troy University. Many Westminster students have been selected for state-level competition. The Trumbauer Festival provides the Westminster arts program a great opportunity for growth, while showcasing the talent and hard work of the Westminster theater community.

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