Tough Love (Camilla Lemons)

Have you ever been chastised by the traffic cop during carpool and wondered if he missed out on doughnuts at the station that morning? Nothing could be further from the truth. What you are witnessing is love. Tough love.

Although he was born in Detroit, Michigan, Deputy Alan Miller has lived most of his life in Shelby County. Directing traffic into the Westminster School at Oak Mountain is only a small part of his job. With a daily schedule that constantly changes and a job full of action, Deputy Miller will have many stories to tell his grandchildren. What he enjoys most about his job is getting to be a positive influence in someone’s life everyday. When he is not working, Deputy Miller is a Southern man at heart. He enjoys shooting sporting clays, fishing, and Alabama football (Roll Tide!).

He would advise teenage drivers to remember that driving is a privilege not a right. If students abuse the privilege, not only could it harm themselves and result in a loss of the privilege, but it could harm others as well.

When asked if he had anything he desired to communicate to the Westminster community, Deputy Miller responded, “When approaching the intersection, if you are making a right turn AND it’s clear, you don’t have to wait on me to turn right. People going straight or making left turns still need to wait, however.”

Deputy Miller, the Westminster School at Oak Mountain thanks you for serving our school, and helping keep our community safe.

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