Thoughts on School: Interviews with Students (Lauren Brannan)

In the Upper School, there is a wide variety of ages ranging from seventh graders (ages twelve to thirteen) all the way to seniors (ages seventeen to eighteen). With such a wide gap, there are bound to be differences of opinion on many subjects, especially those relating to school. Because of this, I decided it would be interesting to compare different views on topics relating to school from the view of a seventh grader just coming into the Upper School and also that of a senior finishing the final year. I interviewed both students, and after asking them several questions I noticed both similarities and differences in their interviews.

To start off, when I asked a certain senior what worried her most about school, the answer was making sure work was done on time. The seventh grader, however, answered the question saying she had too much homework and was worried about making good grades. When asked what goal she had for this year, the senior answered with finishing strong, keeping up grades, and enjoying the last year. The seventh grader responded that her goal was to stay organized, have good grades, and stay on top of work.

Another question asked was how this year differed from last year so far? The senior said the biggest difference was having to think about college on top of regular work, while the seventh grader said that the biggest difference was the more relaxed, laid back atmosphere and having more freedom.

One thing both the senior and seventh grader agreed strongly on was the question of are they glad that they have gone to school at Westminster. Although both agreed receiving an education here at Westminster has its challenges, both stated that there was absolutely no question that this was the right place for them.

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