Thinking Ahead: Facing the Pressure of College Choices (Pierce Moffett)

As soon as a student takes the PSAT in tenth grade, he or she quickly becomes bombarded with different colleges attempting to get in touch with them. Everyday brings another barrage of emails, some worth reading through, many to be deleted and quickly forgotten. This adds another layer of stress to the already heavy workload that a high school student carries. The stress only increases when family members ask about one’s future.

Family holidays and vacations, at least for me, are filled with people constantly asking where I want to go to college and what I want to do with my life. This only increases my anxiety because the answer is always “I don’t know.”

Despite the amount of stress that thinking of the future brings, it can be very fruitful to start early. If you begin to get a grasp of what you might want to pursue in college earlier in your high school career, then it will bring less stress further down the road.

In fact, I just recently had the opportunity to talk with a personality counselor about some future careers I might want to pursue. That proved to be immensely helpful. Not only do I now have some ideas of what I want to do in the future, but thinking of a career can help narrow down my college options.

And now that I have slightly more confidence in the direction I might take, that barrage of emails suddenly does not seem quite so intimidating.

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