Thesis: Worth the Journey

By Daniel Richardson, Class of 2015

One of the crowning achievements for both juniors and seniors at Westminster is the completion of the thesis assignment. Students take the entire year to pick a topic that interests them and research it for the purpose of writing a comprehensive paper. But things don’t stop there. Once students have completed their paper, the class moves on to presentations. Seniors in particular are asked to give a speech on their topic to the entire Upper School. A daunting task, put to it

The thesis class provides students with an opportunity to be able to dive into a interesting topic and then present those findings to the Upper School. It is rare to find such an endeavor in a high-school curriculum these days, and most students do not get the chance to write or present a thesis until well into college. Although the process can be difficult, overcoming the stress of thesis truly does benefit our students in the long run. They are taught how to think critically, devise an argument, and finally present and defend that argument in front of a large crowd.

These skills are bound to serve them well later in life, and while some will tell you they might not enjoy thesis now, they will appreciate it farther down the road.

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