Thesis Life (Camilla Lemons)

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Thesis. The much-dreaded assignment is a sourceĀ of anxiety for Westminster students before they even reach the eleventh and twelfth grades, to say nothing of when it actually arrives. Throughout the writing career of a Westminster student, the thought of a thesis paper looms as a climactic point to display the product of the Westminster education. For juniors, the stakes are not as high when it comes to this project because it is something of a test-run for the following year. After many revisions to the way the thesis project has been structured, it now only occupies the first semester of the junior year. This change encourages students to stay on top of their work and not to procrastinate. As a great way to kick-off the thesis season, the junior class went to the Samford library on August 16. There students had the opportunity to pursue topics that interested them in order to craft a well-written thesis. Students were taught how to access Samford’s resources and were encouraged to return to the library throughout the writing process. The workday exposed students to a college campus, giving them not only a leg up on their thesis, but also an introduction on how college life will look.

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