Two Poems by Ethan Shaw

Divine Speech
How joyous are the bells that peal today,
The speech proceeding forth from Heaven’s core!
Each void gives way to matter, formed not ‘till
This tintinnabulation sounds once more.
A dew descends upon the raw terrain
Which suckles hills and vales into fresh life.
Yet ponder not how life can animate
This ground; for here is never any strife.
What this can govern, but harmonic joy?
Impossible once age corrupts the heart.
Instead, a child’s plaything is the world
Remaining so unless blessed youth depart.


Babel’s Pyre

Trees enflamed, once birches, brightly blazing;
Now disfigured shards of ancient forest— Ashen!
On a pyre split asunder.
Quaking earth, enveloping and porous.
Terrifying awe wrought by destruction
Wreaks pure havoc ever cleansing, purging.
Wisdom turns to disenfranchised Fortune
Asking when wealth’s stream the last was gurgling?
“Not since Midas wedded Babel’s daughter!”
With a shudder, Fortune cruelly whispered.
Hubris joining avarice to foster
Lack of sight to see how wounds have festered!

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