The Neighborhood Brew: Cozy and Affordable

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By Carter Lemons, Class of 2015

“Not your average coffee shop.” Those are the words that come to mind when I think of The Neighborhood Brew. When I first visited, I was expecting something similar to Starbucks. Instead, I felt like I had walked into my own living room. It had it all: comfy chairs, inviting decor. There was even a fireplace in the corner! Something about the place caused me involuntarily to relax my shoulders and take a deep breath. This was a place where I could unwind and shake off the stress of the week.

532135_384503241679298_1794972166_aUpon entering, I was immediately greeted by a smiling employee, which is to be expected at any good business, but I was also warmly greeted by the owner, Craig Grossmann, who definitely adds to the relaxed feel of the place. Then the real test came. As a sixteen-year-old with no steady source of income, I’m not a regular at these places because I can usually buy a meal somewhere else for close to the same price as a single latte at a coffee shop. This is not true at The Neighborhood Brew. I got a higher quality drink for a lower price and in half the time.

The bottom line is, I will definitely be going back. Five stars!

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  • Patricia Burgess says:

    Agree 100% with this review! The coffee was delicious and it had a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere! Already been back for coffee several times!

  • Leslyn Shaw says:

    Great review! I agree, great atmosphere. We sat by the fireplace. Very comfortable place to meet with friends.

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