The Importance of Reading – Katy Blackburn

By September 25, 2013 Knightly Herald No Comments

In today’s culture, most people do not choose to read a book when they have free time. They would much rather watch TV, surf the web, or text someone. Thus, the question is asked, “Is reading really that important?” I believe it is, and it can benefit anyone who is willing to try it. However, a person should not read just any book, but it must be a truly good book with certain defining characteristics. A good book needs to have an engaging plot that makes a reader feel attached to the characters. A good book should also conjure up vivid images and allow a person to picture every scene that is taking place. Finally, a good book should not promote sinful behaviors, but should be insightful and thought provoking.

Reading is important because it nurtures the reader’s imagination and can lead him to create his own stories. Also, reading a wide variety of books can help a person experience other cultures or time periods. In general, reading well-written books helps a reader to broaden his vocabulary and become a better communicator, especially if he uses the words he learns from books in his everyday speech. Although it is not always the case, reading can also build relationships between people because they have something in common to talk about: their love or dislike of a particular book.

Some people would say that reading is not good for a young mind because it can pull it away from reality, giving unrealistic hopes or fears. I agree that if someone is always sucked into a book and never tuned into reality, then it is not healthy. But as a hobby, reading is extremely beneficial. A person should distinguish between fantasy and fact, and then reading is not likely to cause any harm.

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