The Hydration Specialist (Will Green)

In my eighth grade year, I attended the middle school basketball game against Moody with Weston Padgett. Playing basketball was never my thing, and, truly, I am an awful player. However, I really wanted to be involved with the team and the guys in my grade. I approached Coach Richburg pretty confident that my idea of being the waterboy was going to be shot down. Much to my surprise, Coach was all for the idea and loved having me on the team. The following week I found myself sitting on the bench with some borrowed bottles and a kitchen towel ready to serve my first game as waterboy. I got so much thrill from it that truly surprised me.

As the games went by, my love for serving and being apart of the team continued to increase more and more. I invested in a brand new set of Gatorade water bottles and carrier set, which for an eighth grade student felt pretty cool. I thought my young aspirations had all been achieved. Then unexpectedly I was asked to become the waterboy for the varsity team. I was ecstatic, but felt like my title should be upgraded just the same as my position. That day a mere waterboy became the “Westminster Knights Hydration Specialist.” Eventually, I was hired to serve all of our basketball teams. Over time, I began to build friendships with the seniors and upper classmen that I would not have had otherwise. Locker room pep talks and fans cheering us on all became something I grew to love and look forward to. There’s nothing quite like being the Hydration Specialist.

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