The God of Quiet (Eden Morris)

Psalm 62:5   “For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.”

Christmas is my favorite holiday by far! All December you can see me blaring Christmas music, loudly singing, shopping, and dancing around the Christmas tree covered in sparkly, handmade ornaments. But this year as my church was celebrating the first week of Advent I realized: Christmas is intended as a time of rest and a time to prepare for the Lord to speak to us.

We cannot hear Jesus if our ears are filled with the music of a tradition humans have created. Humans have distorted Christmas into a busy time full of stress about putting together Christmas parties, putting up decorations, making delicious food, buying presents, and so much more. We lose sight of what Christmas is really about–the coming of our King as a humble baby to save us.

Do you remember the Bible story where Jesus went to the home of Mary and Martha? Martha became so caught up in cleaning the house, cooking, and making everything perfect that she lost sight of Jesus dwelling in her home ready to pursue her. Mary, on the other hand, pushed away all the traditions her culture set before her, drew close to Jesus, and prepared her heart for what He had to say to her. Jesus praised Mary for being still and tuning into God instead all of the other things demanding her attention.

So next Christmas season, enjoy your family and the time you have with them. Enjoy all the Christmas parties, music, and the magic of this season. But in doing those things, let Jesus be the center. Take time out of everyday to enjoy Jesus in the quiet and realize His relentless love is always pursuing you. Rest in this truth!


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