The Gift of Boredom (Harriette Adams)

Humans constantly crave to be entertained. Whether it is reading or looking at phones or screens, people want to escape boredom. But is boredom a bad thing?

Boredom is an emotional or psychological state in which an individual feels they have nothing to do. They may become unsatisfied with their surroundings or feel the task at hand is tedious or dull. Manoush Zomorodi, host of WNYC’s podcast Note to Self, wrote a book called Bored and Brilliant. In it she explains the positive effects boredom has on one’s day to day life.

She argues that boredom often permits one to slow down, allowing the mind to wonder, to think deeply, and to create without distraction. This deeper thinking allows one to see the world and how truly exquisite it really is. The deeper appreciation of the world grows dramatically due to a change of one’s routine and familiar environment.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to be bored. When you are willing to slow down without distraction, you might just find yourself thinking and creating more than ever. And you might just learn to appreciate the earth with all its specific, ever-changing details.

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