The Field Museum (Lauren Hoaglund)

The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois is home to some of the most famous artifacts worldwide. Their collection includes: Sue, the most complete tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever discovered; Lucy, the oldest known skeleton of a human being; a massive collection of Viking and African artifacts; and one of the largest collections of Egyptian mummies both animal and human.  My family and I visited this museum and many more in Chicago over Labor Day weekend.

I like to think of myself as something of a museum connoisseur because museums happen to be my first priority in visiting a new city. Though my mother had read the list of artifacts at the Field Museum to me several times before our arrival, I could not fully grasp their complete glory until I was standing in the replica of an Egyptian tomb with twenty mummies, their sarcophagi, and tablets of Hieroglyphics surrounding me. I was awed by the fact that the mummies were not only right in front of me, but also that they were so well preserved. They still had the jewelry and the papyrus scrolls with instructions for the afterlife in their sarcophagi with them. 

In the next room was a large wooden boat. Archeologists speculate that this boat was used in a funeral ceremony for a pharaoh or nobleman. I stared at this particular boat for about ten minutes trying to comprehend what I was seeing.

The Field Museum does a spectacular job of maintaining these artifacts and collecting more from different areas of the world. I would love to go back, and I would recommend it as a must see for anyone who is traveling in, to, or even near Chicago.

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