The Commercialization of Christmas

 By Heath Padgett, Class of 2016

If any kid in America is asked why he loves Christmas so much, what will his response be? Most likely he will respond that he loves Santa Clause, reindeer, gifts, food, traveling, and much more of this sort. However, what a child will probably fail to mention is that Christmas is one of the best holidays not because of those fun aspects of the season but something far greater. Instead of recalling that our Savior Jesus Christ came to this earth to save us, the child probably thinks more selfishly. Why is this? The answer is simple — commercialism at Christmas.


While many parents think that spoiling their children for just one day is harmless, they are wrong. The devil does not come to people as a scary monster as many imagine. On the contrary, the devil often deceives Christians in a way that seems harmless and sweet. Remember, the devil tempted Jesus with simple bread. He does whatever it takes to turn Christiansaway from Christ whether it be with direct evil or causing people to store up treasures in the wrong places. Matthew 6:19-21 states, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” As a result, by teaching children to come up with Christmas lists filled with treasures they want and almost cannot be happy without, the parent is not being a generous, happy soul. Instead they are handing their poor children into the open hands of the devil and his simple trap.

Not to mention, most parents explicitly lie to their children about who gives these gifts which they so greedily receive. Santa Clause is not a jolly old man who delivers gifts to every good little girl and boy. Instead he is similar to a false god whom children love and adore. He is omniscient like God (for he knows whether children are good or bad) and he is omnipresent like God (for he delivers billions of gifts to children at the exact same time). His message: If my children work hard this year and act nearly perfect (nice list), then I will reward them greatly.

However, the true message of Christ, which is the purpose of celebrating Christmas, is as follows: My children are filled with sin. Works of My children do not grant them My gift. Instead, My gift comes freely to those who put faith in Me and seek Me.

After comparing the two separate messages, how could the commercialized Christmas not be a snare of the devil? Santa’s message is the complete opposite of Christ’s message.

Finally, since the wrong way to celebrate has been revealed, how should Christians truly celebrate Christmas. Of course people should read about the birth of Jesus together and explain its significance. Also a family could spend the day not indulging themselves, but instead reaching out to those in need. This Christmas and every one that follows, Christians should try to spend less on themselves (and their families) and use that same money to give to those who might not have much. However, if parents still want to give gifts to their children, then they might want to consider telling them the truth about Santa and his elves. Tell them that Christ came to earth to save them and that no gift they receive from anyone on this earth can equal His great gift which He sacrificed so much to give to us — salvation.

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