The Class that Loved Each Other by Gracie Eddins

So here I am. Second semester senior year, and I am about to leave all of the friends I have spent the last 13 years of my life with. We have presented our theses, registered for move-in days to our new homes in the fall, and cried at our last home basketball and soccer games. We all have a foot in two different places. As we try to balance soaking in
every last happy memory of high school and prepare to start a completely new chapter in just a couple of months. This transition is scary, sad, happy, and exciting all at the same time, but everyone that goes to college has experienced it. It is interesting because everyone has gone through it, but no one can tell you how it actually feels until you get here.

High School really does go by so incredibly quickly. So the question we are all asking is what impact have we left on our school? I hope our school will remember our unity. I hope they will look back and say that we were the grade that truly loved and supported each other. I think our class picture is a testament to this. It is simply joyful, and it’s all these small moments like this that make me truly thankful to be a part of a group of students that accept, support, and love each other. Here we go!

Newspaper 3rd quarter


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