The Chance to Lead. The Wisdom to Do It Right. (Hannah Price)

Coach Poore, Westminster’s director of athletics, has evaluated the school’s various teams and identified two major problems. The first is a lack of general physical strength which is being remedied through mandatory strength training for every sport. The second is a lack of leadership within the school’s sports teams. In order to fix this second problem, Coach Poore hired Blake Thompson, Westminster parent and mental conditioning coach, to teach students about leadership. He has been attending various practices and games where he has taught in large group settings, and he has also begun teaching a leadership class.

Mr. Thompson served in the military for several years and has worked at the University of Alabama as a mental conditioning coach during summer practices. The class he is teaching at Westminster is similar to the mental conditioning he provides at the university level, although it is not nearly as intense.

Over the past few months, we have covered several different topics; but one central theme has emerged: Leading means inspiring others to follow. Leadership is a skill that some people are born with an aptitude for. However, it must be honed, and that requires intentionality. Leading is not simply yelling at your teammates until they do what you want them to do. A good leader sets an example through all of their actions and inspires others to follow them.

Now we have opportunity to lead and the wisdom to capitalize on it.

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