Sylvia Welch – A Prayer to the High King

By January 18, 2013 Arts, Humanities No Comments

Forgive me of my sin tonight.
I pray my heart would be contrite.
Protect me from Satan’s evil grasp
And let me always to your Word hold fast.

Shelter and peace from your Word I do seek,
But each day fears attack me; I am weak.
Only your strength can hold me up,
So I may drink from your everlasting cup.

I lay at your feet all of my fears
Feeling comfort you’ll sustain me all my years.
Singing praises to you gives me great joy
And leaves me confident my heart will never be void.

Your grace is a sunrise offering a new start,
Urging me to spread this light which changed my heart.
So now I humbly ask that you give me a thirst
Not to seek empty self glory but to always put the High King first.

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