Steps to Success (Evelyn Godfrey)

Through the past years, the Westminster girl’s varsity basketball team has definitely made a name for themselves. This year’s team consisted of one senior, four juniors, five sophomores, and two freshmen. However, the team has made it a long way since the beginning of the program. Former player Olivia Godfrey said, “I hoped it [the basketball team] would go places, because we put in a lot of hard work.” Early as a basketball team, the varsity girls suffered a lot of losses. In Olivia’s freshmen year, the school’s first official year with a varsity team, they had no wins. They did not get their first win until 2013. In 2016, the Varsity team also had their first year of graduating any seniors from the team. Those five seniors stuck with basketball through all the losses and paved the way for future players. The team went through many coaches until finding Dana Gache, who pushed them harder to succeed. “Coach always said ‘we need to learn how to win,’” Olivia said. After taking this advice, the wins started to accumulate. The team found its first spot in the Area Championship in 2015 and proceeded to win not long after in 2017. Because of those five girls who fought for success, the girl’s varsity program is flourishing. Olivia said, “I liked being the pioneers.” She and many others can now witness what has become of all their hard work and the foundation they created.

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