Solar Eclipse (Evelyn Godfrey)

The car crept quietly along the faded, yellow lines under towering trees. Houses were nestled low in the valleys covered by the shadows of the vast mountains. My sister, my dad, and I searched the road for the wandering eyes looking towards the sky. I lifted my eyes to a bright sky that grew darker by the minute. An hour passed, but the light from the sun was still illuminating the world. Then a shadow started to sweep through the field, covering everything it touched. The sky swirled with ribbons of colors and shimmered with distant worlds. The aroma of musky air settled into my nose. Confused creatures of the night were unexpectedly awakened by the darkness. I stood in awe for the small time I had, intently looking at a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon that only a few would experience: a midnight moon in the middle of the day. A blinding flash pierced through the sky, and a ray of diamonds broke through the dark. Eventually, the heat of the sun returned in full strength. It was over as quickly as it had begun. We smiled as we walked away from this natural wonder in the sky.

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