So What is Cosplay? My Visit to DragonCon 2015 (Sara Hinton)

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As an otaku, wizard, demigod, whovian, and a member of multiple other fandoms, the place for me to be on Labor Day weekend was not in an arena watching the first football game of the season. No, it was Atlanta, Georgia, for DragonCon 2015. We dressed in costumes as our favorite characters. I was dressed as Rogue from the X-Men movies, but to my surprise most of the people there were dressed as characters from anime comic and cartoons. What was more surprising were the few people dressed as Disney characters, like Cinderella and Rapunzel. The practice of dressing up and acting as the characters is called cosplay and can be done professionally. I even had the luck of meeting a professional cosplayer dressed as Neo from The Matrix.

The day was long, and our feet became sore from standing in lines and walking around the four hotels that were rented for the event. But it was well worth it. We explored the two floors of the convention that were filled with vendors, selling everything from kimonos to Wolverine claws. I received a comic book for a really good deal, because the vendor cut the price for me. My friends bought some cool action figures. However, we were all most enthralled by the collection of swords from movies and TV shows.

The real treat was the walk of fame. Stars and costars from multiple genres took a break from photo shoots and panels and met with their fans. There were voice actors from American shows and Japanese anime. There were many Battle Star Galactica stars there, but the longest line was for the star of a TV show called Lost Girl. I was able to meet my favorite character from one of my favorite TV shows, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. I received an autograph and a couple of free hugs. We also got a recording of a voice actor speaking as his character, and one of my friends met the one who inspired her to want to become a voice actor.

In the end we found ourselves standing on a balcony watching all the cosplayers, and running after our favorites to get a picture. Riding the subway back to our car, we all agreed that it was well worth the ninety dollar tickets and began planning our costumes for next year. My dad, who accompanied us, claimed that next year he would be our costume consultant. I responded that if that was going to happen, we would have to have a father-daughter anime marathon. When I began listing all the anime that we would have to watch, he became very quiet. But one thing is certain. I can not wait for DragonCon 2016.

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