Disney World: Where Dreams Come True. . .Eventually

Walt Disney World is known to all as the place where dreams come true, but is it? I have recently been to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., and I can tell you, while there are many things that are “magical” about Disney, there is one very important problem that desperately needs fixing: the transportation systems.

The transportation at Walt Disney World is woefully inefficient. Though there are buses and boats and the monorail, I found that none of them worked well. The buses took too long to get anywhere. It took my family an hour and a half to get from our resort to the Animal Kingdom park one morning, which was not the best way to start out the day. The boats, though fun, are small, and if your family doesn’t fit in the boat, you’ll have to stand and wait for the next one to arrive, which takes around forty five minutes. And the monorail system? Though it seats many guests–up to three hundred a train–it only goes to two of the four parks, only three of the resorts, and does not go to Downtown Disney at all.

Overall, it truly was an amazing trip filled with “magic” and fun. But if Disney isn’t careful, the annoyance of the transportation will start leaving guests feeling more like Grumpy than Happy.

Abigail Mathis, Class of 2018

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