Senior Thesis: A Student’s Perspective

Westminster seniors typically have a lot on their plates. On top of normal course work, most balance athletics and other extracurriculars with filling out multiple college applications–to say nothing of hanging out with friends and family.

But come third quarter, all of it begins to fade. And until midnight February 24, the one thing that dominates our minds and monopolizes our time is the Senior Thesis.

The Senior Thesis is the capstone of a Westminster education. On the first day of the year, each senior is tasked with producing a twelve to fifteen page paper in which he or she must defend a position. On top of that, each senior must deliver an eight to ten minute oral version of that paper to part or all of student body. Afterwards, they must field questions from teachers and students, some of which can be quite challenging.

The twenty-six members of the class of 2015 have covered all kinds of topics this year, each becoming something of an expert in his or her field. Topics range anywhere from heart disease to the fall of the Roman Empire, but the purpose of the assignment is not merely to learn about something new. It is to “equip [us] with wisdom and eloquence.” And no task pushes us to grow in these virtues more than the senior thesis. It’s a heck of a lot of work, but we are all better thinkers for having done it.

By Carter Lemons, Class of 2015

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