Senior Privileges (John Lusk)

Seniors at Westminster have a number of privileges to enjoy their last year of high school. These privileges help distinguish senior year from the previous three years of high school. Though many of the privileges are small (and sometimes silly), they add to the daily life at Westminster by providing some entertainment and change throughout the day.

Being allowed to use the elevator is one of the most amusing privileges. Even though the short flight of stairs is no burden to walk, the elevator is a break from the halls and a short ride of quietness in a busy day. On the more practical side, seniors have the freedom to leave campus every day for lunch and tutorial. This is both relaxing and fun since a senior has the freedom to go home or just hang out with friends at a restaurant for the fifty-minute lunch period. Westminster seniors also have a senior lounge located in an empty classroom. It is a simple room with only one table and a few chairs, but it is great to have a place that will always be available to go with classmates and finish up schoolwork or eat lunch.

I am grateful of the effort the school has put into finding freedoms for seniors and believe it is a good choice by the school. Some people might argue that these privileges are open for abuse and the school needs to have more control, but I believe this shows the school’s trust in the students. More responsibility is part of growing older, and the school is helping this process by allowing seniors more freedom. 

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