Retrospective: The Lady Knights v. Loachapoka (Camilla Lemons)

They had already made school history, but they did not settle. They had spent countless
hours practicing to reach the level they had achieved. The Lady Knights were the first Westminster basketball team to reach the Sweet Sixteen, but they did not stop there. They defied all odds by their performance in the Elite Eight, and all their hard work led up to the final game against Loachapoka. Going into the game, the Lady Knights were definitely the underdogs. They had been beaten by Loachapoka earlier in the season but remained confident in their training. Nerves were high on game day, and energy from the crowd added to the players’ adrenaline. Nonetheless, their minds were set. They would win. They would make it to the Final Four. They were hungry.
The game was off to a strong start. Both teams played with fierce intensity, but Loachapoka remained two steps ahead. The Lady Knights were down by six points at halftime, and the energy had died down during the second quarter. Not once did they give up or call it quits became they were behind. They remained determined and returned strong after halftime using their momentum to overtake Loachapoka in the fourth quarter. After draining three three-pointers back-to-back, the Lady Knights gained even more momentum when a technical foul was called on Loachapoka due to an extra player on the court. Westminster’s victory was sealed.

It was clear. They had done it. The intense drive of the Lady Knights outweighed that of their competitors, resulting in their first ever shot at the Final Four.

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