Reign: A Grown-up Show with a Child’s Imagination (Sarah McDaniel)

Growing up, we all loved to hear the stories of princesses stuck in towers and daring
knights on quests for their country. We imagined our living room was not merely a room, but
the castle where we lived out our days of happily-ever-afters. All too soon, our adventurous days
came to an end, and the magic faded. We traded in our magic wands and swords for textbooks
and backpacks. The living room became a living room once again.
But have no fear! We can once again experience the days of magic through a TV show
called Reign. Aired on CW, Reign is a period drama set in the 1500s, rated TV-14. It follows the
life of Mary, Queen of Scots, as she struggles to determine what is right for her country and for
her. After her father’s death, Mary’s mother has established an alliance with France by betrothing her
daughter to the Dauphin of France when she was only a year old. To protect her from the English
queen, Mary was sent to a convent to hide until she was of age to be wed. The show begins
when they English have found Mary and threatened to kill her, sending her to French court to
wed the Dauphin.
This show is very accurate as far as the events that transpire, although smaller details like
their clothes and their speech are very different. The show represents the best of medieval life:
daring sword fights and mysteries to solve, as well as romance and fancy balls and handsome men. It
has plot twists riddled throughout each of its three seasons (season three is airing now). Plus, the
soundtrack is amazing. In all, this show will bring you back to your childhood memories in a
way that still makes you feel like an adult.

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