Real People, Real Government (Lauren Hoaglund)

Over the past few months, I have been overwhelmed and a little annoyed by the amount of political opinions surrounding the new administration. Almost everyone has a complaint about the government and the way it is run. So this semester I decided that it was probably time to get some perspective. I spent three days paging for the Alabama Senate in Montgomery. I was able to see the way our state government runs and the people at the heart of it. I really enjoyed the opportunity to see and listen instead of making blind assumptions with no backing whatsoever. I learned that maybe some of our criticisms of state government are a little too harsh.

I would strongly suggest paging, going to observe some senate sessions, or even just visiting the state house. The few days I spent there opened my eyes to the real issues in our government and the real people trying to address those issues. Now I feel as if I can have an informed and educated conversation with people about the problems in our state government system without just complaining about it.

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