Rambling Thoughts from a Grateful Senior by Will Green

As I approach the end of my senior year, it is honestly just hard to believe that it is already here. This has always been a time of life the I have only imagined and dreamed of. Literally, since seventh grade I was so scared of senior thesis and having to speak in front of the whole school. I was convinced I would never have to do it. “Maybe that will pass by me, and I will not have to do that.” However, that was not the case. Just a few weeks ago I gave my senior thesis speech to the Upper School, and it was terrifying.

It is behind me now, and it is just one more reason why my time at Westminster has been such a crucial part of making me who I am. Westminster has shaped me and molded me to think, write, create, and relate to others and the world through the lens of Jesus Christ. Westminster has challenged me to use my mind and talents in ways that I never thought I could do.

Westminster opened up the door for friendships by older students like Jack Stein. As a result of the lasting, meaningful relationship I have with Jack, I knew that I wanted to pour into the lives of those younger than me. Westminster has called me to seek meaning in what I do both inside and outside the school walls. I have learned to use and manage my time wisely. Yet in those moments when my time escaped me, I was reminded and even sought out by teachers and staff who knew me well enough to see I was struggling. Westminster truly does care for the individuals that are in its halls, and that to me is the most unique part of our school.

Teachers, faculty, and staff all care for me and want me to succeed. My prayer is that leaders among the students will continue to rise and challenge those in their grade and friend groups to be more like Christ and, ultimately, to shape Westminster to be a light to Birmingham. So to all who have poured countless hours, days, and years into me and my education, I would like to say thank you.

And in the words of the current senior class, “Knights forever!”

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