Popsicle Bridge Destruction (Pierce Moffett)

By April 26, 2017 Sciences No Comments

Junior year comes with many ups and downs. It comes with long nights writing the thesis and longer days worrying about the finished product. But despite all the stress and worry, there are some surprising high points to junior year. One of those is the bridge project for physics class. My classmates and I were each tasked with building a bridge out of popsicle sticks that could hold some weight (emphasis on some). At first this task seemed daunting. After all, my engineering skills had barely gotten me through my Lego stage as a kid, and popsicle sticks were a whole new ball game. How does one even start building a bridge? Much less one out of popsicle sticks. Multitudes of questions went through my head. Like what design to use or how to get it to stand. The different options were endless. At a time like this, lord Google may seem like your friend, but do not let him deceive you. There are thousands upon thousands of ways to build a bridge that come up when you search for instructions. So I left Google feeling more confused than when I had started.

But once you finally make a decision on what to do, the bridge starts coming together. The hard part was designing, but the fun was the actual building. It took many hours to finish it. I would try to glue the sticks together, but many times they would just fall apart. Despite the obstacles, the finished product finally began to come together. It began to actually look like a bridge instead of just a pile of sticks. After finishing, the day eventually came for me to try and break it. I felt a tinge of sadness in watching it break. All those hours of work just going down the drain. But when I thought of the hours of pain and frustration it gave me, I must admit, I felt a little joy at its destruction.

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