Patrick McGucken Explains Why He Loves His School

By September 24, 2013 Knightly Herald No Comments

When people ask me why I would recommend Westminster, I always start with lunch. Every student wants a nice lunch, because it is the only free time during school. Luckily, Westminster provides a wonderful lunch. For fifty-five minutes, the students are free to roam the campus and spend time with each other. Lunch at our school goes beyond the normal lunch provided at a public school, it creates an environment where students can bond with teachers and experience freedom.

Initially, students have the privilege of being able to bond with students at lunch. My favorite activity to do during lunch is to play Corn hole. Corn hole is a sport that involves two teams. Each team consists of two members, who toss bean bags onto a white board. The points are calculated to where one bag on the board is one point, and a bag in the hole is three. The teams add up the amount on the board and subtract it from the other team. This is the amount of points scored for that team, when a team reaches seven the teams wins. One of the great aspects of Corn hole is the dependence required to win. It cannot be won by one person, so you have to rely on your partner. This creates a way to bond with your partner, and increases the amount of trust. Corn hole at Westminster is especially fun, because teachers participate as well as students. Teachers at are school are outgoing and want to bond with the students, I have had the experience to spend time playing with a lot of different teachers. From the math teachers who calculate each throw carefully to the humanities teachers who believe it requires a clear mind to throw properly, it creates an amusing environment. Some of the best teams in the school consist of teachers teaming up with students. However no matter team you have, everyone should watch out for Mr. Wortman. However this is not the only way to bond with teachers. Our school provides many clubs that are led by different teachers. From drama to Math Team, each club creates a unique experience to learn more and increase in fellowship. Lunch is a great place to spend time with teachers, but it is also a time to express our freedoms.

Additionally, lunch provides a unique way to bond with students. One of the major privileges that Juniors and Seniors have is the right to leave school during lunch. This means that they can eat at any fast food restaurant, or go home and sleep. The beauty of this is that it gives freedom to the students. That way the students can actually relax and spend time with each other. Jonathan Harville, a junior, describes the freedom of lunch as this. “Being able to go off campus during lunch on Tuesdays is a great privilege. It gives us a responsibility of freedom that is an exclusive Junior and Senior opportunity. Eating outside of school property with my friends gives us a unique time of fellowship that we’ve come to cherish.” The fellowship that the Juniors and Seniors have, greatly strengthens the grade as a whole. Westminster’s trust that is put in the students is one of a friend to another friend. Many of the students have come to appreciate that factor.

Overall, Westminster offers a unique lunch environment. This is not all that makes Westminster one of the greatest schools in the state. The opportunity to worship freely and interact with teachers, makes the school a phenomenal place. From my three years of attending Westminster, I can honestly say there is no where I would rather go to school.

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