On Track with Grace

Competing at a track meet with my team while being healthy and prepared is an ideal situation for me. Sitting in the stands unable to run is not. On February 6 and 7, I sat in the bleachers at Crossplex, Alabama’s premiere indoor tack, during the state meet, unable to compete because of a recent surgery on a persistent shoulder injury. Being unable to join my team on the track was extremely disappointing for me. Countless hours have been spent on the track building speed and perfecting my hurdle technique. Unfortunately, two surgeries have¬†hindered my training and competitive performance for the past four years.

Throughout many painful practices and disappointing meets, I have received endless encouragement from my team. They have prayed for my healing constantly and have lifted my spirits when I felt discouraged. My coaches have always been completely understanding, allowing me to modify workouts to better suit the stress my shoulder can handle. I am incredibly thankful to be surrounded by a loving, Christ-centered team.

In spite of the fact that I couldn’t compete, it was a no-brainer to miss school on that Friday to head to Crossplex and watch my amazing team compete for a state title. I arrived to smiles and hugs from my friends. With the start of the 1600 meter race, the meet was underway. The thundering sound of feet pounding the track held a comforting familiarity. Cheers erupted every time a Westminster athlete passed the stands. Sitting all day in bleachers a few weeks after major surgery was not comfortable, but sitting in the stands, laughing with my friends, and yelling for our teammates definitely made the trip worthwhile.¬†I will cherish these memories I have made with my Westminster family forever. I will never forget the grace and love they have shown me during this difficult season in my life; they have taught me to give God the glory in victories and in trials.

By Alice Boone, Class of 2016

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