New Faculty at Westminster (Ann Marie Godfrey)

At the beginning of another school year, new members of the teaching staff are introduced at Westminster. One of the new hires this year is Mrs. Perez. She teaches Spanish to the ninth through twelfth graders. Mrs. Perez was born here in Birmingham and is the oldest of the four kids in her family. She attended Auburn University where she majored in communication disorders (speech therapy) and Spanish. After graduating college she became an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in Mexico City, Mexico for two years. It was during her time in Mexico that she met her future husband, and they now have an eleventh-month-old daughter named Sofia. This is Mrs. Perez’s first year teaching, though she has substituted on occasion at Homewood High School. Mrs. Perez’s love for Spanish, and more importantly her desire to aid students in their understanding of the language, are evident in her teaching. Mrs. Perez is a wonderful new addition to the Westminster community, and we are thankful for the passion she has for teaching.

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