Net Neutrality (John Richardson)

American freedoms are being threatened by the idea of repealing net neutrality. To begin, net neutrality is the idea that no matter what websites you go to, you will receive the same internet service speeds. The company you purchase service from cannot slow down your internet when you go to a lesser known website. If net neutrality laws are repealed, any internet service company can begin charging you more for services that require more data. Expect to pay more money for possibly lower internet speeds. Americans should be outraged over this because it walks right over their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment guarantees the right to express oneself freely. In modern times this expression has translated to the majority of our internet use. If the net neutrality rules were repealed, any internet service provider would have the right to throttle content they deemed wrong or unfit. This means that facts and articles could be manipulated for millions of internet users, and since the web is where most people find out information, it could effectively change the culture. This issue is extremely important, yet many Americans have never heard of net neutrality. Spread the word. Let Congress know that you support the freedom of net neutrality.

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