Movie Review: Steve Jobs (John Lusk)

The movie Steve Jobs (Danny Boyle) provides an interesting view into one of the tech industry’s most influential innovators. Instead of focusing purely on Jobs’s success in the tech industry as CEO of Apple, Boyle tries to paint him as a real person instead of just a legendary inventor. To do this, it takes an interesting approach by only showing Jobs at the product launches of the original Mac, the NeXT computer, and the iMac.

Modern movies are dominated by CGI and green screens, but Steve Jobs takes a break from all that. Instead, this movie is all about conversations. The movie is full of intense dialogue between Jobs and his employees, friends, and family. It brings out the humanity in a man that many associate only with computers, iPods, and iPhones. Watching the movie gives you a glimpse inside Jobs’s true gift: his ability to force the best performance out of his people.

Most people will probably come away from the movie disenchanted with Jobs as a person. This movie shows just how stressful of an environment Jobs created by his demands. It also shows the dark side of business: how the pursuit of success can isolate one from friends and even make those same friends enemies. Jobs’s family life was a wreck and he was often brushing off his closest friends and ignoring the pleas of his employees.

In the end, the movie captures why he was so successful. In his own words, Jobs “plays the orchestra.” Anyone who wishes to find out more about the man who put the iPhone in their pocket would be entertained by this movie.

Note: This movie’s R-rating for language. 

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