Less is More (Ann Marie Godfrey)

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Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t have time”? Or maybe you have said it yourself. A common theme in the American way of life is busyness. We believe that we are not successful unless we have a million things to do. Somehow when we have three soccer games, a piano recital, and a cross country meet all in one weekend, we think that it is just what normal people do.

This idea of busyness is a total contradiction to the kind of life average Americans enjoyed less than two hundred years ago. After the work and school day was over, that was it. Families enjoyed the simple pleasures of eating dinner and a quiet evening together. There were no practices, extracurriculars, or meetings to rush to. And at the end of the week, Sundays were truly days of rest when no work was done and time was spent with God and family.

Sadly, these simple pleasures have been lost amid the busyness of people in the twenty-first century. For some odd reason, it feels strange when we do not have something we need to do. In fact, we almost seem not to know how to handle free time. So maybe we fill it binging on the next season of a Netflix show, scrolling through our phones, or watching highlights of the football game we already saw last weekend.

We need to learn to say no. We need to allow ourselves time to breathe, time to get outside, time to read a book, time to eat a family meal around the dinner table with everyone. I know, it sounds impossible. However, when we do take that time to step back from the chaos of life, the feeling is remarkable. The stress and pressures of life are relieved, and we are able to truly enjoy the present moment and the people we are with.

Sometimes, less truly is more.

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