Prayer: Laying the Foundation

by Ethan Shaw, Class of 2015

Our Westminster community is extremely blessed. Over the past year we have witnessed a vision unfold for a new Upper School campus followed by a successful capital campaign in the spring of this year. In recent weeks we broke ground together, and now everyone anxiously watches as construction begins. Looking back on the journey thus far, it is hard to deny the evidence of God’s favor in the midst of all the obstacles that had to be overcome. The dream is finally becoming a reality. But now what?

cinderblock01Many will view this next year as a period of waiting, a blank page between two chapters in the book of Westminster. This certainly in many ways is a time of transition. Still, we must not be lured into setting our focus solely on the hope of the coming years. Doing so will let us miss the work that God is doing in our midst right now. As the new campus is being built, God is likewise building faith in us to trust His plans. That is the most important object of all. Truly this is a pivotal year. God is calling us to a higher standard of sincerity in our pursuit of wisdom, virtue, and eloquence.

In response to this call, a group of Upper School students has started to come together for weekly lunchtime prayer gatherings. Such meetings have been going on in some form for the past two years. This year, however, the design is to create an environment open to everyone yet also centered on developing a devoted group of students to join with faculty in prayer for our school community.

Jack Stein, a Westminster junior who has been involved from the group’s inception, shares his opinion that “it’s good to take time to pray and glorify God with what we’re given.” He especially appreciates the openness of the group in its variety of prayer topics as well as its inclusivity. Stein remarks that he particularly enjoys the fellowship time at the start of the prayer meetings and that he is excited to see more students join in.

Sophomore Rebecca Thompson is also impressed by the diversity of prayer topics while maintaining a focus on the school community. She particularly likes how the meetings are usually opened up with a short Scripture reading. Thompson remarks that “it’s important to make sure throughout the week to keep the right focus.” She envisions the group as a place where prayer requests can be safely shared and where students can come together to pray for each other.

Altogether, there is something quite special about a Christian school that takes its faith seriously. Twentieth century evangelist T. M. Anderson writes that “the measure of our faith and the fervency of our prayers Praying_Hands_freecomputerdesktopwallpaper_1600determine the effectiveness of our labors for Christ.” The Lord invites us to embrace faith and prayer hand-in-hand as catalysts for spiritual transformation. Simple lunchtime prayer gatherings are just one way of doing this, but we can never underestimate what God will do. We are right to thank Him for his faithfulness in providing a new campus, but now we must call on Him to continue renewing our hearts.

Student-led prayer meetings are being regularly held on Mondays during lunch in the C-Wing. Meetings are typically held in Mr. Burgess’s classroom, but the specific location may vary and will be announced each week. All Upper School students interested, middle-schoolers and high- schoolers alike, are invited to attend. Students are free to come early for fellowship time; prayer officially starts at 12:30 and lasts through the end of lunch. Please feel free to contact senior Josh Moore at or junior Ethan Shaw at with any questions.

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