How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine this: every news channel is discussing the scenes of panic you see on the screen. It is like a horror film. Everyone has seen the movies, but few thought it would actually happen. The zombie apocalypse has begun.

First things first: if you are in the city, move. Heavily populated areas are a danger because if there are more people, then there is a better chance of falling victim to the disease.

After escaping the danger zone, you need to find a place to take shelter. There are four basic needs for human survival: food, water, shelter, and security. When finding shelter, you should ask the following questions: “Do I have access to food? What about water? Is this the type of place where I want to stay or is this temporary? Does it give me protection from the elements? Do I have a safe way to protect myself if needed?”

You should not think about the delicacies but what gives you enough to survive. If you are a vegetarian, find a place near edible berries, vegetation, or nuts. Look for anything edible, though you should pay special attention to the animals in the area as well. If there are animals around, then there is a close water source.

If you are trying to fulfill your carnivorous needs, it may involve getting your hands a little dirty with some hunting.

Once you find a place that meets all of the criteria, you need to find accessible water. Streams are the ideal water source when there is no tap water. It does not move as fast as a river, and it is not stagnant, attracting bacteria and insects. However, you cannot drink a lot of water straight from the stream because it could lead to disease. Make sure you have some way to boil the water to cleanse it or you have a pre-made water cleaning kit.

If you have easily attainable food and water, you may consider staying in the area at least for a while. If you do decide to move on after a short while, always stock up on enough food and water because you do not know when you will find more. However, do not take too much because it could weigh you down or spoil before you can consume it all.

Now, you need to find some way to build protection against the elements. If you are not too far into a rural area, you will most likely be able to find an abandoned house. However, take precaution because where there once were people there might be zombies. Not every abandoned home is truly abandoned.

Next, you need to consider how you are going to secure yourself. This part of survival could be the most difficult at times. If you are someone who is totally against violence and you do not want to infringe on the rights of Zombie-Americans, then you might be in some trouble. Yes, you can find ways of protecting yourself without directly harming anything, but it is more difficult.

Pacifist or not, should build some type of barricade that will make it harder for any unwanted visitors to reach you. There are many different ways for a more aggressive means of protection. Weapons can assist in hunting or fighting the undead.

By Mackie Benson, Class of 2017

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