House Competitions: Where Are the Girls?

The number of girls involved in sports at Westminster is actually quite high. And their teams have also been remarkably successful over the past few years. But when the athletic house competitions come around, hardly anyone volunteers to get involved. The few girls who play, are begged to get involved in order to comply with the one-girl rule. And I believe that is exactly what makes girls hesitant to play.

In all of the Westminster athletic house competitions, only one girl is required to be on the field at a time for each team. While I understand why this rule was put into action, it puts a single girl on the field surrounded by a bunch of boys. She is completely alone and, more often than not, ignored by boys and never receives the ball. Who would play under these embarrassing circumstances?

In order for there to be more community within the school and in athletic competitions, I believe that this rule should change. More girls should be required to participate in every house competition. Fortunately for the houses, there is no shortage of athletic girls at Westminster. Please join me in working to change the one-girl rule and improve the overall house competition experience for the whole student body. Together we can create a better environment for the competitions and create more camaraderie within the student body.

By Abigail Mathis, Class of 2019

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