High School Bucket List (Sarah McDaniel)

You’ve seen the lists of things to do before you graduate, including taking the ACT twenty times, writing a resumé like your God’s gift to the world, or writing ten different versions of the same essay for ten different scholarship opportunities. However, high school should be about more than prepping for college. It should also be about having fun while you are still a teenager, without the responsibilities of an adult. So here is a new list.

1. Do something that scares you.
When you go to college, you will have responsibilities enough. Now is your time to go on crazy adventures. For this consummate introvert, this meant going to a crowded Keith Urban concert with my best friend. Completely worth it.

2. Take a trip with friends or family.
Road trips are a great way to get closer to friends and family. They are full of fun experiences and memories that you cannot gain doing anything else. One of my favorite memories is a trip up to the Opryland Hotel at Christmas. That night, my dad and I explored the expansive hotel, just to get lost. It was something he and I will always remember.

3. Learn a new skill.
Whether it is a new language, karate, or even just learning how to do your own laundry, learning something new that’s not academic. It will help you remember that learning really can be fun.

4. Make a time capsule.
Every adventure or experience you gain, you should set aside one thing from that trip— a photo, a postcard, whatever—that represents the trip. Then, when you are older, you can look back through them and remember all the fun times you have had. Adults tell me this is really valuable.


5. Do one thing every day that is just for you.
High school is challenging; I won’t lie. But by doing one thing every day that is just for you–not for a teacher, or coach, or parent–you will learn to relax, and this will make high school ten times more bearable. For example, I take a break after school every day where I lock myself in my room and enjoy a bag of chips and some Netflix.
Now get started. You’ve got a lot to do.


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  • Favorite Grammie says:

    Great ideas. Have been trying to come up with a bucket list of my own but my bucket is still empty.

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