H2O Intolerant? (Camilla Lemons)

As expected, the first few months of the new year have been filled with talk of recipes and fitness tips for a healthy lifestyle. This year many health nuts like myself have downloaded the “Plant Nanny” on their phones and tablets. This app encourages people to stay hydrated by growing various kinds of virtual foilage. I find it fun and actually very helpful for maintaining proper hydration through the grueling spring track season.

When the app is downloaded, users enter their weight and activity level. The app then calculates the necessary amount of water they should drink in a day. Every time they drink water, they get to water a plant the same amount. Too little or too much, and the plant starts to wither and die.

This app is better for certain personalities than others. Some people download and delete it after a few days. Others, however, find that the app motivates them to drink more water. Nevertheless, everyone who downloads and uses it for a day realizes how much water is necessary to stay completely hydrated. Everyone should consider trying out this app, not just athletes. Studies show that staying fully hydrated is critical for everyone, regardless of how often they participate in exercise.

So let’s get growing.

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