Getting Connected (Lauren Brannan)

One of the common issues I have seen related to missions’ work and service at Westminster is that although there is plenty of desire and emphasis put on this, it can often be hard to find a way to get connected. There are so many ministries out there that need help, but trying to find a place to serve that best uses your skills can feel overwhelming.

As I have been trying to find a ministry myself that I can help with, I have found that many people face the same problem. However, one specific ministry I have found that can help with this is the Christian Service Mission downtown. This ministry was founded to help people in need, from those affected by natural disasters to those needing assistance with housing and food.

Christian Service Mission not only addresses people’s physical needs, but also point them back to the Creator. This ministry is spread out all over Birmingham and is also connected with many local ministries, making it a great place to start looking for service opportunities.

So even if you can just go down there for an hour to help package food and clothes for others, this ministry is definitely work looking into, and by going and helping out, it can help make you more connected.

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