Fixed Point, Fixed Vision (Sara Hinton)

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Not long ago it became official that Robbie Hinton, former head of the Westminster School at Oak Mountain, would be leaving to take a job with an organization called the Fixed Point Foundation. Hinton had spent at least six years with the school, watching it grow, making it grow, and pouring his knowledge into students–whether they wanted it or not. Now that he is leaving, many of us may want to know what this Fixed Point Foundation really is.

The Fixed Point Foundation is an organization dedicated to the spread of the Gospel. Now this is not something unique. Every church should have this purpose, but Fixed Point spreads the Gospel in a unique way. The world believes that Christians should be pacifists, always on the defensive, but Fixed Point is on the march. Actively engaging in the secular community, fixed Point founder Larry Taunton has two books published, and multiple articles published on and other outlets. His most recent book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens is a great example of how Taunton and Fixed Point work.

Christopher Hitchens was one of the worlds most notorious atheists, actively fighting Christianity on many stages around the country; but off those stages he and Larry Taunton, who debated each other multiple times, were really good friends. Toward the end of his life, Hitchens and Taunton took two long road trips together, on which Hitchens, who knew he was about to die, seriously considered multiple religions. The book is about how Taunton and Hitchens became friends despite the great controversy between them. This is the mission of Fixed Point, to go into the secular community and engage it in a loving and life changing way.

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