Family Camping (Ann Marie Godfrey)

Friday. Everything was ready. All week we had been preparing for this trip. The tent had been aired out, the lanterns and roasting sticks packed into a plastic tub. Mom had planned the meals far in advance, and the food was packed in a big cooler waiting to be taken to its destination.

School that day seemed longer than ever, even with it being a short day. As soon as school let out, though, we sped home, hoping to load the car up as fast as possible. Though our time of departure was a couple of hours later than planned, we finally hit the road. Six people crammed into a car with everything we would need for a weekend sleeping in the great outdoors.

When we arrive, it will be a mad scramble to set up camp before the sun sets. The tent must be pitched, air mattresses blown up, and the kitchen tent with food put in order. However, we’ll look forward to Saturday morning–seeing the site in the full light of the sun for the first time, putting on layers of clothing to keep warm while the sun makes its way into the sky, and eating breakfast surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of nature. We’ll plan our hike for the day and eagerly confront the adventures to follow: rocks to climb, streams to cross, new paths to make and new views to see. After our hike we’ll look retreat to our hammocks. There we will rest and read until dinner is ready.

At night there will be a fire. S’mores will be roasting and our six camp chairs will encircle the warm glow. It will just be us. Just our family and the great outdoors.

Only a couple more hours left now until we are there.

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