Expected Excellence (Jack Wilson)

Last year, Coach Fitzgerald’s constant reminder that we were a “culture of champions” pushed our team to greatness. I can say from firsthand experience that last year’s state championship men’s soccer team expected the most from all its players. Every person on the team had a mentality focused on winning, and this was largely due to the leadership of Coach Fitzgerald. His constant encouragement and self-controlled approach propelled the team to win.

This must-win mentality was perhaps most evident in last year’s captains: Jack Stein, Michael Stanford, and John Fitzgerald. Out of their leadership, a near perfect system arose, and as a result the Westminster men won the state championship.

Although it is a new season and games will not always go as planned, there is still a rare quality about this team that most lack.  Sometimes it takes a little longer to develop, but I can tell you that with the our men’s soccer team, you can always expect excellence.

I certainly do.

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