“Earth’s Lament” by Ethan Shaw

Earth’s Lament
By Ethan Shaw, Class of 2015Groanings manifold and desperate
Flowed from earth’s deep womb, to hallow Seed of man yet Heaven’s flower—
He to purge our souls most fallow!

To the tension of the heartstrings
Plucked by the angels, solemn rite!
Her rocks were split, entreaty made,
Lest darkness quench the perfect Light.

She had seen Him first as sculptor;
He fashioned life out of the clay,
Celestial craft or earthly trade—
Created marvels in each way.

Mortal sepulchers were opened;
Each drop from Heaven like a tear—
She mourned those selfsame potter’s hands
Now torn by tools He’d known so dear.

Tombs had opened up that evening;
Creation’s grief had manifest.
Just so pierced hands are glorified,
Which overcame the Tempter’s best!

“Resurrectus sum. Vivatis!”
An anthem of the heart and soul:
That earth would sacrifice desire
And thus that we would be made whole!


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