DVD Review: Interstellar (Jack Wilson)

The movie Interstellar happens to be a well made take on a space exploration. In the film Matthew McConaughey plays Joe Cooper, the man charged with the responsibility to save dying earth from a food shortage. His mission is to find another earth­-like world in order to give Earth a shot at transferring the human population to this new world.

In most science fiction movies, the majority of viewers are lost in the science behind the film. However, Interstellar provides a clear concept of time and space. For example, when Cooper and his crew reach a planet from which a signal is coming, the movie then provides a background of time. Since they had traveled through a wormhole and been in a different dimension, time had taken on a new meaning. On one planet a single year might be the equivalent of one hour. So if one takes too long on that planet, time would be affected in other places of space.

The movie and the plot can be followed easily; the only requirement is active attention to the film. In the end, after closely following the suspense of many events, some might think Earth is left for dead. The ending will catch you off guard. It is sure to provoke plenty of questions and challenges to the mind. Interstellar creates emotion, captivates the crowd, and calls for concentration, all in the end demonstrating its power as a well made movie.

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