Disney World: Behind the Scenes (Lauren Brannan)

When most people hear “Disney World,” the first things that come to their minds are Mickey Mouse, a crowded park, and lots and lots of waiting in lines. While this is all accurate, I (being a Disney fanatic) have discovered that there is a lot more happening in the actual parks and behind the scenes than I ever could have imagined. So I have come up with a list of lesser known Disney facts; and even if it doesn’t make you love the parks like me, it will hopefully at least give you a greater appreciation for all the work that gets put into them.

  • First off, every character you see has been hand-picked and trained for weeks to become the perfect character. The process to be chosen for a character takes even longer, and the actors must pass several tests; including specific height requirements, facial similarities, and even acting and singing competitions. Even after the characters have been chosen, they have to follow a strict set of rules, to “keep the magic alive.” No actor is allowed to break character or reference anything outside of Disney. And even after they are done for the day, no one is allowed to talk about what character they are in public; if they do, they risk being fired.
  • Another amazing aspect of Disney: the Utilidor. This is a huge set of labyrinth-like tunnels running underneath all of Disneyworld, stretching over miles and miles of land. This was created by Walt Disney before the parks were even built, and the parks were built on top. This is where all the behind the scenes magic takes place; this is where characters get dressed; and even where all of the trash is dropped directly from the trash cans in the park to Disney’s garbage disposal so no guests have to see trash being carried in and out of the parks.

Disney truly thought of everything, and although the lines may sometimes be long and the parks crowded, you end up getting more than you could ever dream; truly earning Disney the name, “the most magical place on earth.”

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