College Tour: What to Expect by Ann Marie Godfrey

One exciting aspect of junior year at Westminster is the college tour. The purpose of this trip is to show you what kinds of schools are out there from big universities to small liberal arts colleges. This helps you get a feel of what options are available to you and what kind of schools that you like best. This trip along with taking the ACT several times were essential to my junior year. Once you have a feel for the type of college that you might want to attend, the process of research and tours begin. Even if you really like a school that you see on the college tour, it is important to tour that school again or maybe attend a preview day to make sure you still like it. For juniors and rising seniors, days off from school like spring break and even summer can be good times to tour schools that they are interested in. According to ACT, Inc., there are nine things you should do when visiting a college: 1) take a campus tour, 2) explore the surrounding area, 3) meet with a department advisor, 4) chat with an enrolled student, 5) sit in on a class, 6) eat in the dining hall, 7) attend a play or sporting event, 8) talk with a financial advisor, and 9) spend the night in a dorm. While you may not be able to do all of this in just one visit, it might be beneficial to spend the night on campus and explore the surrounding area as you become more serious about attending a college. The college search can be scary and overwhelming. I have only just begun this process myself, but knowing what I want from a college and the steps I should take to make sure a college is right for me have been a vital part in making the process a little easier.

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