Christmas: The Extended Version (Lauren Hoaglund)

Who doesn’t want Christmas to last for more than just a day? Who doesn’t want the season to go on past a single month? We all do.

Well, good news: I have a solution.

I have a Christmas tradition of putting up and decorating my Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music in full force the week, if not the day, after Halloween to extend the tragically short Christmas season to a full two months.

Much to my surprise, when I told others about this somewhat odd practice they told me that I was ruining the season of Thanksgiving and taking the fun out of the anticipation of the Christmas season. Some even said that they could only take a certain amount of Christmas spirit and that they tired of Christmas traditions sometimes even before Christmas arrived. These critics told me that I must wait until at least the week after Thanksgiving to enjoy any kind of Christmas merriment.

This was an entirely new concept to me. How could someone tire of Christmas music or traditions? Though my family must wait to buy and decorate our two live trees that stay on the main level of our house to make sure they stay alive for Christmas day itself, I see no harm in keeping an artificial tree in my room where only I can enjoy it. Nothing makes me work harder on a paper or study harder for a test or my upcoming midterms than seeing my twinkling tree in the corner of my room. It gives me hope as I struggle through these last few weeks until the joy of Christmas and all the merriment that surrounds the season.

So quit whining, get yourself a fake tree and some cheap Christmas CDs, and let the merriment begin. . .in November!

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