Building Westminster: Sports and Community

By Jack Stein, Class of 2015

As the new building across the street has risen off the ground and now becomes more complete by the day, the emphasis falls on building Westminster from within. This means attending to our school culture, a big part of which includes school spirit.

In recent years Westminster has proven itself in the athletic arena.  Victory after victory has followed the tireless efforts of each and every team.  But this can only be seen as the fruit of the entire community’s labor.  Directly tied to this success is a sense of pride athletes take in their accomplishments and in the school that supports them.

The spring season is well under way, and the school is fielding excellent track, soccer, and tennis teams.  Attendance at competitions may seem like just another task on the to-do list, but it really does show that the community is involved while also encouraging the athletes. Showing support for Westminster athletics should be important to each and every student, parent, and teacher who cares about Westminster’s growth and reputation among other schools, specifically in the way we represent Christ.

The nature of high school sports demands that schools from a variety of backgrounds must play each other. Most of the schools we play do not share our faith. Our witness on the field, court, or track is an integral part of our school’s mission to transform the world. But the Westminster athletes need your support. So before the season’s over, find a copy of your favorite team’s schedule. Watch a tennis or soccer match, or perhaps stop by a track meet.  Let’s build Westminster together.

All schedules for Westminster sports can be found on the website.

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